Stitches in my mind

I am Danni, I’m not sure why I write poetry or when I started, but I know I find it cathartic and helpful. Mental health, and human relationships, seem to be a strong focus of mine at the moment. Perhaps because I’m going through counselling, or perhaps I’ve reached a reflective age.

I’ve had anxiety and depression for a very long time, but I’ve never considered it to be mine alone. Inspiration comes from past events or images from art or the news, very often just from people watching, and usually when I’m trying to do something productive. These two poems are in some ways totally unconnected, but complement each other. One is an introspective reflection, and the other a speculation, on the subject of mental health.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 19.22.31Danni Darling Man on Train

Man On A Train was, unsurprisingly, written on a train. The man got on, and you could feel the whole carriage mentally edging away and praying for him to not sit near them. He shared my table, greeted me joyfully and pulled out his sewing. And I wrote a poem. Since then, I’ve often wondered if my attempts at ‘normalising’ his actions were somehow patronising. I sincerely hope not. I hoped to challenge assumptions. But that is not up to me to decide, once I have given this piece to the reader, it becomes theirs to do with what they will. Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 19.23.15Danni Darling You Left a Depression in MeYou Left A Depression in Me was inspired by my reflections on hereditary mental health. My mother and most of my family seem to suffer from mental health conditions. I drew on childhood memories mixed with Freudian dream references in attempting to do this.

Space on the page is important to me, as I feel it can imitate the jarring motion of my thoughts so much better then any collection of words. The images I use follow this in being sometimes broad and overwhelming, and other times zooming in to such detail as can only be focused on with true observation.

Danni Darling can be contacted here.

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